Internal Pressure of Perceived Perfection

It is no mystery to anyone who knows me well, that I have often struggled with perceived perfection. I make the distinction by inserting “perceived” because I do not actually function as a perfectionist in my daily life. I would only consider myself fairly organized, and my thoughts are scattered frequently. Really, my motivation hasContinue reading “Internal Pressure of Perceived Perfection”

Advocating for Valentine’s Day

Every year I walk through isles of Target browsing the seasonal changes. And every year the excitement builds with each passing day for the Valentine’s Day displays to go up. It starts with the slashed prices of Cordial Cherry Hershey Kisses. I usually pick up a few bags to hold me over a few months.Continue reading “Advocating for Valentine’s Day”

Sistering in Adulthood.

Having a sister is truly one of the biggest blessings you could experience in life. Whether you have a large age gap or are only a few months a part, there is an unspeakable bond that is born when you have a sister. Someone that understands the inner workings of the family, or even justContinue reading “Sistering in Adulthood.”

I’m Pregnant.

That’s how I start every new conversation with a guy I have a crush on. Well, I also say it as an ice breaker. And a greeting. Also a closer. As you probably already know, it often times times catches people very off guard. It simultaneously loosens me up. Take last Monday for example. IContinue reading “I’m Pregnant.”

I Ran Out of Things to Watch

Good Morning. Just last Saturday I was convinced I wouldn’t run out of things to watch. I am an expert at staying at home. On the one hand I truly thought a world where people just kept to themselves was ideal for me. I am introverted, enjoy silence, and and have access you YouTube. WhatContinue reading “I Ran Out of Things to Watch”

Starting Fresh for the Sake of Friendship.

More than this post being a test block, I want to start fresh. I just finished reading this book, You Are The Girl For The Job. I have been off and on reading it since the beginning of January and finally completed it while on LOCK DOWN (aka: work from home, quarantine, social distancing)… Y’allContinue reading “Starting Fresh for the Sake of Friendship.”