A little about myself.

I started this blog in hopes of it bringing me out of my shell just a little bit more. Also to be unafraid to share my personal thoughts with those that would listen. The larger reason I started this blog was to write more outside of my daily journaling. I take what I write on here a little bit more seriously and choose my words carefully. You never know, I may want to run for public office one day and I surely don’t want something I wrote on my blog in 2021 to hinder me. Thank you to all who read my posts. All photos that are shared on this platform are my own. I am not a photographer in any way, just a woman who likes to take photos of scenery. If any of my posts make you smile, that will have been a win for me. Occasionally I may write about more personal topics, but I mostly like to keep it light. This is a method of self expression for me and in these crazy times it is a relief to get my thoughts out on proverbial paper.

A little more…

I am 25 years old and work outside of a large city. Everyday I learn something new and I love it. I work in research and development and mentor/tutor in my free time. I spend way to much money on eating out but it is one of the great joys in life. Enjoy my posts. I wish you many laughs, tight hugs, and lots of love.