Good Morning.

Just last Saturday I was convinced I wouldn’t run out of things to watch. I am an expert at staying at home. On the one hand I truly thought a world where people just kept to themselves was ideal for me. I am introverted, enjoy silence, and and have access you YouTube. What the heck else could I possibly need.

Unfortunately, after I finished browsing the “sexopedia” on Cosmopolitan, I found myself with little to do. Just as your mind probably does during times like these, my mind has started to wander. What’s my next move? Should I get pregnant this weekend or in 5 years? Was the plant I bought really worth $16 in this economy? Who knows. I should be focusing on more important things, existential questions really. Is my whole life going to change because of a virus? Will I get to have the house, family, and career that my parents and grandparent got to have? Maybe.

Luckily, I don’t have to worry. I know how this all ends. Whether I get to have the life I thought or not. There has been a plan for my life before I was even born and it will come to fruition. This quiet time, without the background chatter of the TV is allowing me to fully realize that.


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